What Should I Consider When Creating Website?

What should I pay attention to when creating a website? This question no doubt occupies the mind of anyone who wants to build a website for a specific need. However, to be honest, there is no "correct" answer to this question. Most of those who want to open a website can take only a few of the correct steps they need to take in line with their goals. Others ignore all of these and set out without drawing a plan. In this article, we have included the 5 most important items among the tricks of establishing a website. It is possible to have a near-perfect website by paying maximum attention to the issues we mentioned. If you are curious about the details, let's examine it together ...

Determine Your Target Audience First

One of the biggest mistakes when opening a website is to set up the site first and then determine the purpose of the site and the target audience. This situation, for example, is like making a ring first and then fitting the finger to the ring; It is very difficult to realize. Many website owners initially know that they need a site to offer people, but they don't know what they want. For this reason, first of all, areas of interest and curiosity, what will be the benefit of these areas for internet users, whether it is worthwhile to establish a site and the audience to be addressed should be determined. All of this will affect not only the way you go but also your website design goals to social media work. So what should I pay attention to when setting up a website? The first answer to the question is: "You must first determine your goals and target audience." will be.

Choose the Right Domain Name

One of the first steps to build a website is to choose your site's domain name. Domain selection is closely related to the first item we explained above; Because to determine your domain name, the name, purpose, and target audience of your brand/business must be determined. A simple, short, understandable, and catchy domain name you choose will take both your website and your brand to the top. At this point, one of the important issues is to include keywords related to your field of activity within the domain name. For example, if you are selling second-hand clothes, the domain that contains one of your target keywords such as secondhandclothing.com is much more advantageous than a different domain you will create with your name. This both increases the SEO score of your website and ensures that it is positioned at the top in search engines.

Make Sure Your Site Is Suitable For Your Users

The clause to be suitable for users has two sides. The first of these; through which channels your target audience will visit your site and how. For example, if your audience includes mostly younger age groups or university students, you can get the majority of your traffic from tablets and phones. Therefore, you should make sure that you have a mobile-compatible website while making your site. The second side is about the time your users will spend on your website. Are you going to set up a news site? If so, your site should have an organized design suitable for video sources that you can enrich with images. Likewise, to set up an e-commerce site, there should be a strong contact page that will allow your users to easily reach you with original and high-quality product photos.

Create Visitors With SEO

What should I pay attention to when creating a website? The most important answer to the question will be "SEO". Whether your website is a blog, an e-commerce site, or an entertainment platform, it's its visitors that make it a website. Therefore, every website needs SEO regardless of its intended use. Therefore, when setting up your website, you should make sure that it is compatible with the SEO infrastructure, and after installing it, you should create your SEO plan for at least 2 years. If you consider all these, it will be inevitable for your content to rise to the top within a maximum of 6 months.